Hello and welcome to Ecotone, a podcast exploring the ideas, people and projects that are laying the foundations for a green future and how we can work to build upon them.
Who are we?
We are a small group of students from the Bio-Integrated Design program at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. The emerging field of bio-integrated design constantly challenges the way living entities of all scales and sizes are occupying the space we live in and define it in ways more complex and interesting than we have ever imagined. Nature and nature inspired thinking are at the crux of everything we do and research. Our work is aimed at developing design strategies and thought processes that allow us to re-imagine our future. 
Why do we call our podcast Ecotone? 
An ecotone is a boundary condition where two different environments meet. They’re typically sites of abundant adaptation and innovation, a diverse and thriving ecosystem. As we endeavor to address the climate crisis and build a sustainable, ecologically-integrated society, its vital that we look to the blurred boundaries between disciplines, where we’ll find creative solutions and groundbreaking discoveries. This podcast is our way of introducing everyone to the world of bio-design. 
Join us as we discover exciting topics, ideas and people one podcast episode at a time.
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